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Brandon Nelson

Life Coaching/Life Settlements Extraordinaire

Brandon Nelson is the CEO and founder of NWO Global. Brandon has designed the company to be a source of inspiration and empowerment to the world. He is a John Maxwell Team Member and Life Coach. He also specializes in life settlements, a process by which seniors may be able to sale their life policies to a third party investor for real market value. (Usually up to seven times the amount of the cash surrender value.) With an overwhelming passion to see people live abundant lives (especially in the area of finances and self worth) Brandon is well on his way to becoming one of the top, young influencers in the U.S.

He is currently the Lead Pastor of Level Ground Church in Groves, TX. It is a multi-cultural, progressive and accepting place where people are not labeled, but loved.

He has become known as an advocate for unity and love amongst humanity.

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